Legal Translation Service

Legal matters are critical to the health and well-being of any organization. In a multilingual environment, that criticality is even significant because of the risks involved. There is no room for error when it comes to translating a legal document in another language. For all legal and official purposes, evidentiary documents and other official documents are usually required to be submitted in the official language(s) of a jurisdiction.

In few countries, if translations of such documents are required, a translator has to swear an oath to attest that it is the legal equivalent of the source text. Usually, only translators of a special category are authorized to swear such oaths ( Also known as Sworn Translators). In most cases, the translation is accepted as a legal equivalent only if it is accompanied by the original or a sworn or certified copy of the same.

Even if a translator specializes in legal translations or is a lawyer in his own country, this does not necessarily make him a sworn translator in some other country. The procedure for translating documents for legal equivalence differs from country to country.

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